Our Assistance Programs


Monetary limits on medicine, fuel, rent and utility assistance follow the guidelines, established by the Board of Directors.  From time to time, with permission of the Executive Board, slight increases are available on a case-by-case need.  The volunteers attempt to get matching funds from outside sources in extreme emergencies, especially medical needs. All monetary assistance is based on the funds available.  Our primary goal is FOOD, to feed our neighbors in need.  The ability to increase monetary assistance on a regular basis is one of the items on our Goals and Wish List.

On-Going Emergency Assistance Programs:

        Emergency FOOD for 7 days for the entire family

        Emergency Fuel for a medical appointment

        Emergency Medicine for the un-insured

        Emergency Rent Assistance

        Emergency Utility Assistance

        Emergency Lodging, (2) nights stay at a designated hotel

      Emergency Clothing, (2) sets of clothing per family member (Voucher system with a local non-profit resale shop)

All monetary assistance is given on a case by case basis and depends on funds available.


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