Goals and Wish List


There is always something missing or needed.So many things have been donated, but yet, there is need for other items.The Executive Board prepared our wish list and future goals.


Be Open Five Days a Week

A major concern of all the volunteers is the ability to service clients on the four days Christian Helping Hands is open.†† If more volunteers were available, CHH could be open Monday through Friday.It takes a minimum of ten volunteers to operate the facility each day.†† Please donate your TIME and TALENT!†† Become a volunteer.††


More Meat/Poultry

Christian Helping Handsí primary focus is FOOD in times of crisis.While CHH receives tons of donated canned goods, fresh meat, poultry or pork is rare.†† Frequently, clients only get wieners and canned meats.During the holidays, CHH collects turkeys, chickens and hams.However, when they are gone, it is back to the canned meats.†† Occasionally, sausage is donated as a result of auctioned hogs at area rodeos.†† Christian Helping Hands would like more funding to purchase fresh meats to accompany the every-day menu with the canned goods.†††


Upgraded Equipment for the Office/Pantry/Warehouse

The volunteers work very hard each day.Upgrades are few and far between.


Increase Monetary Assistance

From time to time, the guidelines for monetary assistance have to be adjusted, based on available funds.†† Limits on medication for the uninsured, rent assistance, utility assistance and fuel vouchers come into play when funding is low.†† Our volunteers constantly evaluate the needs of our clients.


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